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Funny drinking games for the latest movies and TV shows on DVD. For entertainment value.

Comments are open to everybody, so suggest a new rule, request a new movie, write your own drinking game, or just tell me how much I suck.

Juno Drinking Game

First off: take a shot during the Rainn Wilson scene, and take heart: the movie will get better.

Take a drink whenever...

There's a pop-culture reference. Any pop-culture reference. (Take two if one particularly annoys you. For example, I really, really hate when Olivia Thirlby says "Honest to blog.")

Anyone calls anybody by a nickname - "Junebug," "Bleek," etc. (Take two if Juno says a nickname for herself.)

You see the track team.

Someone touches Juno's (Ellen Page) stomach.

She talks on her hamburger phone.

Juno refers to sex with Bleeker (Michael Cera) being really good.

Anyone says:

  • "Sexually active"
  • "Pregnant"
  • "Wizard"
You see Bleeker with Tic-Tacs.

The relationship between Mark (Jason Bateman) and Juno feels particularly uncomfortable.

Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) smiles radiantly.

An indie/folky song comes on the soundtrack.

Chug/take a shot whenever...

Juno's little sister has a line.

Lions for Lambs Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever...

There's a shot of what time it is. Take two if it's because someone's checking.

Someone makes a political argument that you remember hearing at least three years ago.

The film cuts to a different location.

Anyone says a line you think is from the trailer.

Tom Cruise grins. Take two if it's because he's obviously hiding something.

Robert Redford tells his student he's being apathetic.

Anyone besides Robert Redford, his student, the two soldiers, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise has a line.

Anyone takes a drink.

24 Drinking Game

So this one doesn't get back on the air for a while, but it's just way too easy to come up with a drinking game for me to resist. It practically writes itself. By the way, I'm sure there are other versions of this floating around, but I didn't want to be influenced by any, so I haven't looked.

Take a drink whenever...

Someone says what time it is, or how much time until something happens, or when they should meet up, etc.

Jack makes a phone call.

Jack goes against direct orders. Drink again if he gets Chloe to help him.

Someone says:

  • "Dammit"
  • "President"
  • "Jack Bauer" (the full name)
  • "Chloe"
Someone fires a gun.

The screen splits. Drink for each new scene that appears - so if the screen splits to incorporate four different scenes happening at once, you should've drank three times.

A bad guy is introduced, or we find out someone is actually a bad guy.

The weaselly guy (there's always a weaselly guy) acts weaselly.

Seasons 1-3 only: drink whenever Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) is in danger.

Chug/Take a shot whenever...

An important character dies. Take an additional drink if Jack killed them.

It seems like the plot should resolve easily, but you know something has to go terribly wrong since the day isn't finished yet.

Almost Famous Drinking Game

Another one of the best movies of all time. It also turns out to be perfect fodder for a drinking game - I thought of a ton of good rules.

Take a drink whenever...

A real-life band or singer is mentioned.

Anyone calls William (Patrick Fugit) "The Enemy."

William tries to interview Russell (Billy Crudup).

Jeff (Jason Lee) acts jealous of/annoyed by Russell.

Anyone snaps a photograph.

Anyone answers the phone.

They arrive in a new city (it'll be written on the bottom of the screen).

Anyone says "Band-Aid," "Crazy," or "Purple."

Anyone says "Rolling Stone." Drink twice if they fully say "Rolling Stone Magazine". (Yes, "Rolling Stone Fucking Magazine" still counts.)

You see the drummer holding his drum sticks.

A strap falls off Penny Lane's (Kate Hudson) shoulder.

A girl is shown with no pants on. (In the "deflowering" scene, one for each girl.)

William talks on the phone with Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Chug/Take a shot whenever...

An Elton John song comes on.

Stillwater performs.

The Princess Bride Drinking Game

This is quite possibly the best movie of all time.

Take a drink whenever...

Anyone says "As you wish" or "True love."

Vizzini says "Inconceivable!"

Inigo says, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

You catch yourself quoting the movie.

Fred Savage interrupts the story.

You actually see the king. (Not Prince Humperdinck. The old guy.)

It's shown that Westley has no control of his limbs.

Anybody references Andre the Giant's size/imposing figure.

Special Rule:

When Westley has the three battles (with Inigo, Andre, and Vizzini), drink once for the first, twice for the second, and chug for the third. Do this again when Westley and Buttercup go through the three trials of the swamp (fire traps, sand pits, and

Chug/take a shot...

Whenever anyone dies (for real). For celebratory purposes, you might consider doing it twice if the death is preceded by " son of a bitch!"

The Faculty Drinking Game

This mostly-forgotten 1998 horror / action / comedy flick got overshadowed by the Screams of its day, which is too bad, because it's a hell of a lot of fun. Think The Breakfast Club meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Oh, and did I mention it's directed by Robert Rodriguez of Sin City?

Take a drink whenever...

Anyone mentions a specific movie or celebrity.

Anyone snorts the pen powder up their nose.

The Boyfriend and the Girlfriend (Jon Abrahams and Summer Phoenix) fight.

A faculty member drinks water.

Coach Willis (Robert Patrick) swears.

There's a reference to Stokely (Clea DuVall) being a lesbian.

Usher has a line. Actually, make that whenever you see Usher.

The teenagers kill a teacher.

A relatively famous actor appears who you had no idea was in this movie prior to reading this. Including but not limited to Jon Stewart, Salma Hayek, and Frodo.

Chug/Take a shot whenever...

They use that special effect on somebody's face which makes it look like they have claws inside their cheeks:

Southland Tales Drinking Game

Special Rule: At any point in the film, any of you can point at a character on the screen and ask a friend: "What's that character's name?" If your friend doesn't know, he or she has to drink. You don't have to know the character's name to ask the question.

Take a drink...

Whenever Justin Timberlake has a voice over.

Whenever Dwayne Johnson twiddles his fingers together.

Whenever anyone says, "Pimps don't commit suicide."

Whenever anyone says "Roland" or "Ronald."

Whenever you hear or see the name of some shadowy company / corporation / invention / whatever: USIDent, Fluid Karma, the Mega-Zeppelin, etc.

Whenever Sarah Michelle Gellar drops the F-bomb.

Whenever anyone who also appeared in Donnie Darko has a line.

Whenever Seann William Scott's hand starts glowing.

Whenever Mandy Moore's eyes widen.

Whenever someone quotes the Bible.

Whenever a vehicle hits something.

If you're really trying to drink a lot: whenever you're not sure what the hell is going on.

Chug/Take a shot...

Whenever a current or former SNL cast member appears. (If I counted right, there's four, unless you want to drink an extra in honor of Janeane Garofalo, whose role was cut in the editing room.)

When you realize that dude in the makeup is Kevin Smith.

(released on DVD: March 18, 2008)